What's New - Conference 2021 - details to coming soon

V-Users’ Executive and Infor management team are working details for the 2021 V-Users virtual Conference.

The annual V-users conference is an excellent opportunity to find out about the latest and greatest Infor products and enhancements, to network with friends and colleagues you had met previously, and to meet and interact with new acquaintances from other Infor libraries.

We encourage all Infor libraries to take this opportunity to encourage many of your staff members to take part in the virtual conference. They will come back with some great ideas on how to improve your system and workflow.


·         We are keen to know what presentations/sessions/workshops you would like to see at this year’s conference;


·         We also welcome presentations from customers who wish to share their past experiences with Infor Products, as well as any projects involving library technologies, activities, implementations, etc.


Your comments and feedback will be crucial in insuring that the 2021 conference will meet the needs of all participants. Please forward all suggestions to Annie Tétreault ( ATetreault@ville.kirkland.qc.ca ) and Dave Alexander (Dave.Alexander@infor.com ). Thank you.


We look forward to seeing you in 2021!


Annie Tétreault, V-Users group President

Lori O'Connor, V-Users group Treasurer